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Enter a "Matrix" styled live action / 3D animated series for teenagers

About the Series

In an effort to locate virtual reality programs for a new VR prototype headset, a group of teenage computer geeks hack into a corporate mainframe, The Meta-Con, only to discover an evil plot to dominate the world through information control.

When the teenagers realize the full implications of what they now know, and that the developed world could enter into de-evolution, our heroes have little time and no choice but to try beat the Meta-Con at its own game in the virtual world.

The group of hackers are four talented teenagers of disparate racial origins. The kids have cleverly set up their hacker clubhouse in an old cellar under an abandoned building, that they call...The Hack Cave!

In each episode, Nathan, the group's leader, enters the world of cyberspace to do battle with the Meta-Con in a virtual reality world.  Nathan is helped by his three friends Cort (Courtney), Mig (Miguel) and Hoi.  Each conflict with the Meta-Con takes viewers on a wicked 3D ride to a different part of the WWW – AND what a ride it is with spectacular cutting edge VFX and heart pounding action and adventure.

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    26 x 24min Television Series in 16:9 format
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